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Dog (Belle Delphine) (Dog)

Adopted 2020

Belle Delphine has released content with her dog.

Belle Delphine

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October 23, 1999 (24)

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Mary-Belle Kirschner aka Belle Delphine is a South African-born English Internet celebrity, pornographic actress, model, and YouTuber. She is a cosplay model with social media accounts featuring suggestive content. The online persona Belle Delphine began in 2018, through her cosplay modeling on Instagram. The posts on the platforms are often influenced by popular memes and trends.

Belle Delphine, best known for her eclectic persona, has weaved a tapestry of collaborations with key figures in the online entertainment industry. Launching her digital career, she became a familiar face on H3H3, Ethan Klein and Hila Klein‘s podcast, where her colorful and quirky interview added a new dimension to her image, exposing her to a more mainstream audience.

In her pursuit of novel ventures, Belle courted controversy by partnering with PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTuber king. Their unexpected collaboration during a Minecraft gameplay video sent shockwaves through the internet, adding an unpredictable chapter to her narrative and boosting her notoriety.

Belle’s influence didn’t stop at YouTube. She made waves in the music scene too, working with Senzawa on the creation of “I’m Back,” a catchy song combined with a visually appealing music video that took the internet by storm, boosting her reputation as a multi-faceted entertainer.

Not one to shy away from the gaming community, she also appeared on the Off The Pill podcast with Ryan Higa, an experience that bridged the gap between her followers and hardcore gamers, expanding her reach further.

Belle’s collaboration with KSI, a prominent figure in the YouTube boxing scene, showcased her willingness to participate in unpredictable projects, reinforcing her image as an unconventional influencer.