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Does Autumn Dial Have Any Pets?

Honey (Dog)


Autumn Dial has a rescue dog named Honey.[1]

Salty (Dog)

Before Honey, Autumn Dial had a dog named Salty.[2]

Autumn Dial

Autumn Dial Pets


May 15, 1990 (34)

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Autumn Dial is an American actress known for her roles in “American Reunion,” “Barely Lethal,” and “Last Vegas.”

Autumn Dial’s career in film and television began with minor roles in several productions before gaining recognition for her performance in “American Reunion” (2012). She played a supporting role in “Barely Lethal” (2015), a teen action-comedy film. Dial’s work includes her role in “Last Vegas” (2013), a comedy-drama featuring prominent Hollywood actors. She has appeared in various television series, such as “Vampire Diaries” and “Necessary Roughness.” Dial’s voice acting credits include contributions to the video game “Saints Row: The Third.”

Throughout her career, Autumn Dial has collaborated with several notable actors. In “American Reunion,” she worked alongside Jason Biggs. Her role in “Barely Lethal” brought her into collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld. In “Last Vegas,” Dial shared the screen with Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline. She appeared in “Vampire Diaries” with Ian Somerhalder and in “Necessary Roughness” with Callie Thorne. These collaborations have significantly contributed to her career, providing opportunities to work with experienced and influential actors. Dial also worked with Emma Roberts in “Scream 4” and with Thomas Mann in “Barely Lethal.”