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Mia (Cat)

Romina Malaspina has a cat named Mia.

Romina Malaspina

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July 7, 1994 (29)

Romina Malaspina is a multifaceted Argentine personality known for her ventures as a model, television personality, reality star, showgirl, dancer, singer, social media influencer, television host, businesswoman, disc-jockey, and actress. Her foray into the realm of television commenced in 2015 as a competitor in the Argentine reality show ‘Gran Hermano’, followed by appearances in other reality shows such as ‘Doble Tentación’ in Chile (2017) and ‘Supervivientes’ in Spain (2018)​​.

Her career trajectory saw a blend of modeling, acting, dancing, and musical endeavors. In November 2015, Malaspina graced the cover of Playboy Argentina and in the following year, was featured as a guest star and commentator in two Argentine television magazines, ‘Morfi, todos a la mesa’ and ‘La jaula de la moda’. Her rhythm found an outlet in the reggaeton genre as a dancer in the Argentine music video ‘Más que amigos’ by J One in 2016. The year 2018 ushered in opportunities in theatre with her role as a vedette and actress in ‘Magnífica’, an Argentine theater play, and further engagements in Spanish television magazine ‘Volverte a ver’ as a guest star and commentator post her stint in ‘Supervivientes’​.

Collaborations played a pivotal role in amplifying her creative expressions. Under the pseudonym Ru$$ha, Malaspina forayed into music with the Argentine music video ‘Hustler Lady’ in March 2020, as the main singer, dancer, and showgirl. This was followed by her collaboration with Deer Models in the music video ‘Color’, produced in Colombia, which garnered success in Argentina and Chile. Her acting prowess was again on display as a principal actress in Argentine music videos ‘Mujer’ of Ecko (September 2020) and ‘De Ahí’ of Big Apple and Fer Palacio (July 2021)​.

In recognition of her journalistic ventures, Malaspina received a nomination for the Latin Plug Award as “periodista del ano” (journalist of the year) in April 2021, eventually clinching the title of “Mejor Periodista Latin Plug del año” (Best Journalist Latin Plug of the Year) in May 2021. The award, emanating from a New York-based company Lating Plug founded by Colombian entrepreneur Carlos Mauricio Vega, underscored her journalistic endeavor​​.