Get a Big Dose of Doggos With the ‘Everything Puppies’ Hallmark Movie

Any fans of the Hallmark Channel can expect a cute dog or two in their movies… But don’t you wish they could make an excuse to squeeze in a few more pups into their productions?

Get a Big Dose of Doggos With the Everything Puppies Hallmark Movie
Credit: Everything Puppies/Hallmark Channel

Well, you’re in luck! As they’ve got you covered with their latest movie titled Everything Puppies. It stars Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes as Scarlett, who plays a dedicated entrepreneur looking to make it big by creating innovative dog toys and treats. She then connects with Alex (played by Stephen Huszar) a pet store general manager and his dog Mosey (played by a canine actor named Thunder). And it also stars a LITTER OF GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES!

It premiers on May 18th and you can find out more at

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