Elizabeth Hurley’s First Dog, Nico, Was a Rescue She Helped Recover From Being Stabbed

Writing for The Guardian, Hurley shared the heartfelt story of adopting Nico, a German shepherd who had been attacked during a burglary. In the early 90s, as a struggling actor in Hollywood, Hurley decided to dog-sit Nico for a friend, who had been viciously stabbed by burglars and was difficult to manage. Despite her initial uncertainty about caring for a dog, Hurley formed a deep bond with Nico. She tended to Nico’s injuries, removed stitches herself, helped wean her off tranquilizers, and even hand-fed the pup! Her friend apparently couldn’t handle her anymore and planned to take Nico to a shelter… Hurley then adopted Nico, who blossomed into a devoted companion, providing comfort to Hurley through her challenging times in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Hurley stabbed German Shepherd dog Nico
Credit: Elizabeth Hurley

As Hurley’s career took a positive turn, she faced the tough decision of moving back to England, where strict quarantine laws for pets existed. Nico endured a six-month quarantine before enjoying life in the English countryside. Hurley, deeply affected by this experience, became an advocate for easier pet travel, contributing to changes in UK law.

Nico, affectionately known as Bat Ears, Two Pelts, and Tiramisu, was a constant source of love and security for Hurley, sleeping beside her and offering emotional support. Her passing from cancer left Hurley heartbroken, marking a significant chapter in her life. While Hurley has had other dogs since Nico, none have matched the special place Nico holds in her heart.

Elizabeth Hurley’s celebrity pets include a pack of dogs, pigs, alpacas, and a parrot.

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