There’s a new trend taking over social media: little critters scurrying around. From hamsters and hedgehogs to beavers and possums, these creatures are providing an adorable glimpse into their lives, and people can’t get enough. Sure, celebrities may still be the biggest stars, but it’s the little ones who are really stealing the show.


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Meet Juno, a Rescued Sea Otter and Basketball Star at the Oregon Zoo (Video)

You have to see this sea otter slam dunk! And she doesn't just do it for clout; it's a great way for her to stay in shape and improve her mental health!

Food Writer Opens Tiny Restaurant for Chipmunks

When this food writer couldn't visit restaurants during COVID lockdowns, she decided to open one up in her backyard... For chipmunks!

Statue Unveiled for Freya the Celebrity Walrus Who Was Euthanized

Freya the Walrus became famous in 2022 for her playful spirit. Unfortunately, her playing involved destroying boats...

Nicolas Cage Gives the First Public Look at His Exotic Pets on “60 Minutes”

The usually very private Nicolas Cage allowed "60 Minutes" into his home, where he gave viewers the first public look at his exotic pets!

This is the World’s Most Stylish Squirrel

The Malabar Giant Squirrel rocks a colorful coat over it's body that's as long as a house cat!

Be Inspired by the Leisurely Lifestyle of Toby Toad

Ya Boi Toby Toad is living a dream retirement: Cruising in his classic Mustang, running a farmers market stand, baking, painting, playing guitar, and more leisurely activities.

Meet Derrick Downey Jr. – The Squirrel Whisperer

The Squirrel Whisperer has gone from viral on TikTok to an interview with Kelly Clarkson to the pages of Architectural Digest!

Howie the Crab is the Celebrity Crustacean you Need to Follow

If you're going to follow only one crabfluencer, make it Howie the Crab!

Cheeto & Piper The Rescued Raccoons That Fingerpaint Terrible Days Away

It all started in 2017 with Tito the Rescue Bandit @titotheraccoon – one lost baby abandoned in an attic. Little did he know, that two years later Cheeto would take up residence and their clan would be complete. With much sadness, Tito escaped and was never seen again but Piper joined just in time!

Study finds rats bop their heads to music by Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Maroon 5

Researchers at the University of Tokyo played a few tracks for rats and found they bopped their heads to the beat.