There’s a new trend taking over social media: little critters scurrying around. From hamsters and hedgehogs to beavers and possums, these creatures are providing an adorable glimpse into their lives, and people can’t get enough. Sure, celebrities may still be the biggest stars, but it’s the little ones who are really stealing the show.


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Feisty Aardvark Winsol born to Cincinnati Zoo Finally Named and has New Identity

The Cincinnati Zoo welcomed a wrinkly little beast for 2017’s Winter Solstice. Winsol was named after his birth date and has been the first aardvark born to the Cincinnati Zoo since 1994. He’s adorable, in a hairless-cat-meets-donkey kind of way.The staff have been looking over the aardvark and his mom since the birth.

Top Ten Instagram Famous Pets of 2017

As we leave 2017 for 2018, let’s take a moment to reflect on the adorable pet-Instagram accounts that we know and love. Especially the ones with millions of followers. Here’s 2017’s top ten million-plus club: @Jiffpom Credit:@jiffpom IG Jiffpom is a three-time Guinness World Record holder.

Party possum commits B&E, hits the sauce and gets arrested in Florida

Just when we thought Florida couldn’t get any wilder, an opossum goes and proves us wrong. An opossum in Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island County broke into a liquor store the day after Thanksgiving and decided to keep the holiday spirit going. She knocked over a bottle of 21-year-old bourbon and helped herself to a couple of drinks.

Hamster Things Cuter Than Stranger Things? You Decide

It appears that Savage Cuties wasn’t the first TV show spoof that Mashable’s put together in the last little while. Check out Hamster Things, a reimagined Stranger Things. This isn’t the first incident we can recall with Stranger Things being re-cast with much furrier actors.

Ride or Die: top ten hitchhiking animals buds

Think you’ve got a sick whip? Unless you’re a bunny rabbit riding around on a tortoise, no one’s going to care that much about your new car. Check out these adorably hilarious photos of animals riding other animals!

Musya the cat adopts orphaned hedgehog babies proving that love knows no bounds

Following a tragic incident with a lawnmower, eight orphaned hedgehog babies found refuge in an unlikely place. A cat named Musya stepped up after the hedgehoglets mother was killed in an unfortunate lawnmower accident. The cat was living at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia when workers found the abandoned hoglets.

Chubby raccoon stuck in sewer drain is too relatable

We’ve all had those days where it’s a struggle to do up the top button on our favorite pair of pants. For one unfortunate raccoon, the realization that a diet might be necessary came along with one ego-crippling experience… This beefy trash panda got himself stuck in a storm drain in Zion, Illinois.

Thanksgiving Fashion Week: Animal Style

Thanksgiving, known to most as our national holiday of giving thanks for what we have and fighting with our relatives around the kitchen table (whatever you do, don’t bring up Trump with Uncle Frank). For some, it’s also a great opportunity to embarrass their beloved furbabies. Check out the best of Thanksgiving’s haute couture below.

Top 5 Fierce Presidential Pets

We all know America has had some wild leaders in the past (and present) but what about their pets? The most common animal to grace the White House is a dog, and the long standing tradition of having man’s best friend lay down at the wise leader’s’ feet is rarely deviated from. We’d like to suggest some canine options to Donald Trump, since he’s the first prez with no pup.

Rescued hog Wilbur and wild squirrel find love in a pig sty

Do you hate sharing your food unless it’s with your absolute best friend? You might have more in common with this rescue pig than you think. Wilbur is wildly possessive of his snacks.