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Rocco (Dog)

Adopted Mar 2018

Skeppy adopted a dog named Rocco in March 2018.


Skeppy Pets


January 17, 2000 (24)

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Skeppy, born Zak Ahmed, is an American YouTuber and Minecraft gamer, acclaimed for his creative and engaging content centered around the popular sandbox video game “Minecraft.” Engaging audiences across the globe with his distinct approach to online entertainment, Skeppy has carved out a unique space for himself within the dynamic landscape of digital content creation.

In terms of his remarkable work, Skeppy’s YouTube channel, characterized by its Minecraft-themed videos, stands out prominently. Known for his “trapping 100 kids in a…” series, as well as hosting and participating in Minecraft Monday events, Skeppy has set a new bar for Minecraft-related content. One of his most popular videos, titled “I joined a cursed Minecraft server…” has gained widespread attention, amassing millions of views and signifying his impact on the gaming community. This consistent delivery of engaging content has garnered him over 4 million subscribers, establishing him as a major figure in the online gaming world.

Beyond his individual exploits, Skeppy has fostered an impressive network of collaborations within the online content creation community. He has worked with fellow YouTubers and Minecraft enthusiasts, such as BadBoyHalo, a6d, Zelk, JackSucksAtLife, Spifey, and F1NN5TER, among others.

Skeppy’s journey through the world of digital content creation has not gone unnoticed. Among his victories was the Minecraft Monday tournament in 2019 alongside BadBoyHalo.