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March 8, 2003 (20)

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Miia Harris is an American actress known for her role in the “Monster High” film series. She portrayed Clawdeen Wolf in “Monster High: The Movie” (2022) and its sequel “Monster High 2” (2023). These films, based on the popular Mattel fashion doll franchise, mark significant milestones in her acting career.

In “Monster High: The Movie,” Harris’s character, Clawdeen Wolf, is depicted as a half-werewolf girl navigating the complexities of Monster High. The film’s narrative revolves around Clawdeen’s experiences and relationships with other characters, showcasing Harris’s ability to bring depth and relatability to her role. The sequel, “Monster High 2,” continues to follow her character’s journey, further developing her story and Harris’s portrayal of Clawdeen.

Harris’s career in the “Monster High” series involves collaborations with other actors, including Ceci Balagot and Nayah Damasen. These collaborations have been instrumental in bringing the dynamic world of Monster High to life. The ensemble cast, including Case Walker, Steve Valentine, and others, has worked together to create a cohesive and engaging narrative that resonates with fans of the franchise.