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Mister Higgins the Corgipoo (Dog)

Breed: Corgipoo | Adopted Sep 2021

Mister Higgins is an extremely handsome, charming, and well-dressed Corgipoo (or Poogi). His nicknames include but are not limited to: Higgy, Higgie Smalls, Higgipoo, Higgs, Piggins, Diggins, and Mr. Handsome. He’s the fur son of Celebrity Pets head writer Simon and soon-to-be-famous model. His mother is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi mother and his father is a miniature Poodle with a sprinkle of Bichon Friese. You can follow him on Instagram at @higginscorgipoo.

Mister Higgins the Corgipoo photo collage

Simon Gerard

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Simon Gerard is the head writer and treats dealer at Celebrity Pets, where he’s been researching and writing about the pampered pets of celebrities, pet influencers, and other pet-related topics since 2016. He also loves deep dives into notable pets throughout history, praising hard-working professional pets, and regaling in heart-warming rescue stories.

Instead of interviewing pet parents and managers, Simon is most passionate about interviewing famous fur babies and pet influencers directly, giving them a much-deserved platform for their voice and letting fans get to know the real pet behind their celebrity persona.

And what inspires him to write? That would be his muse and fur son Higgins, an incredibly charming and well-dressed Corgipoo.