Pitbull Abandoned at Shelter, Locked in Dropbox with Four Fluffy Roommates

Pitbulls have a bad rap, but it’s pittys like Buck that keep proving people wrong.

Buck was abandoned and locked in the nighttime dropbox at a California shelter but he wasn’t alone.

buck pitbull ducklings

The nighttime dropbox is available for people to surrender their animals after the shelter has closed. They can put their pets into a kennel that locks from the inside – once the animal is in the dropbox it’s safe until found the next day by staff members. The dropboxes prevent people from abandoning their pets outside.

Usually, it’s a one-dog-per-box deal but Buck ended up rooming with four baby ducklings for the night. How the unlikely pack ended up in the tiny box together is anyone’s guess, but Buck and the ducklings happily cuddled all night.

“That amazed me,” Debbie Munson, the shelter volunteer who found Buck and the ducks, says. “He didn’t step on them or you know, it could have been even worse. He could have gotten irritated or grumpy or even hungry. Who knows?”

We have our doubts that a dog as sweet as Buck could get hungry enough to eat his duckling-friends. Due to his sweet nature, Buck was quickly adopted out of the shelter — an unexpectedly happy surprise for a senior pitbull.

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