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Rudy Mancuso does not have any reported pets.

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February 28, 1992 (32)

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Rudy Mancuso is an American actor, musician, and internet personality, best known for his comedic videos on YouTube and his role in the YouTube Red series “Keys of Christmas.” He gained prominence through Vine, where his creative short-form videos earned him a substantial following.

In film and television, Mancuso’s achievements include his participation in “Keys of Christmas,” where he starred alongside notable figures like Mariah Carey. His musical talents have been integral to his career, with Mancuso releasing several singles and music videos, often integrating his comedic flair.

Mancuso’s collaborations have been a significant aspect of his career. He has worked with fellow internet personalities like Lele Pons and King Bach. His partnership with Shots Studios has been pivotal, aiding in the production and promotion of his content. Mancuso’s collaborations extend beyond the digital sphere, as seen in his work with musicians like Maia Mitchell in the song “Magic.”