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Does Nastassja Kinski Have Any Pets?

Chihuahua (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua

Nastassja Kinski was last seen with her Chihuahua at Cannes in 1983. She hasn’t revealed any pets in recent years.

Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski Pets


January 24, 1961 (63)

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Nastassja Kinski, a German actress and former model, has made significant contributions to both European and American cinema. She gained international acclaim for her role in Roman Polanski’s “Tess,” which earned her a Golden Globe Award. Kinski’s notable filmography includes “Cat People,” “Paris, Texas,” and “Faraway, So Close!”

Kinski’s journey in acting began with early roles in European cinema, leading to her breakthrough in “Tess.” Her portrayal in “Paris, Texas” and “Cat People” demonstrated her ability to handle complex characters, earning her praise from both audiences and critics.

Throughout her career, Kinski has collaborated with numerous influential figures in the film industry. Her work with directors like Roman Polanski and Wim Wenders has been particularly notable, contributing significantly to her artistic development. She has also shared the screen with actors such as Harry Dean Stanton and Malcolm McDowell.

Kinski’s contributions to cinema have been recognized with various awards and nominations. Her Golden Globe win for “Tess” and her performances in other critically acclaimed films have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the film industry.