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Moon Jae-in's Pets

Does Moon Jae-in Have Any Pets?

Gomi and Songgang (Dog)

Breed: Pungsan | Adopted Dec 2022

Gomi and Songgang are Pungsan dogs gifted by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Moon Jae-in while he was president of South Korea. Pungsan dogs are a very rare breed found only in North Korea, that Kim Jong-un and his late father Kim Jong-il would give as political gifts. In December 2022, Gomi and Songgang were given to a South Korean zoo, after Jae-in claimed that the current government refused to cover the dogs’ expenses. Gomi and Songgang had six puppies together.

Tori (Dog)

Breed: Mutt

Former South Korean president Moon Jae-in adopted a rescue dog named Tori. Tori was raised to be eaten, but instead became part of a campaign against the dog meat trade.

Moon Jae-in's pet Maru

Maru (Dog)

Former South Korean president Moon Jae-in had a dog named Maru. In December 2022, Jae-in announced that Maru had passed away.

Jjing-jjing (Cat)


Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in adopted a rescue cat named Jjing-jjing. Jjing-jjing was the first “First Cat” to live with a South Korean president.

Moon Jae-in

Moon Jae-in Pets


January 24, 1953 (71)

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Moon Jae-in is a South Korean lawyer, civil servant, and former politician born on January 24, 1953. He’s most known for being the 12th president of South Korea, serving from 2017 to 2022.