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Megumi Hasebe's pet Edu

Edu (Dog)

Breed: Pomeranian

Megumi Hasebe has a Pomeranian named Edu.[1]

Megumi Hasebe

Megumi Hasebe Pets


October 4, 1991 (32)

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Megumi Hasebe is an actress and model known for her work in Japanese television dramas and commercials. She gained recognition for her roles in series such as “Pintokona” and “My Boss My Hero.”

Hasebe began her acting career with a minor role in the television drama “Dandori” in 2006. Her breakthrough came with the 2013 drama “Pintokona,” where she portrayed Chiyuki Kawahime. This role led to subsequent appearances in other television series, including “My Boss My Hero,” where she played Sakurako Jiroumaru. In addition to her television work, Hasebe has appeared in various commercials.

Throughout her career, Hasebe has collaborated with several notable actors and actresses. In “Pintokona,” she worked alongside Yuta Tamamori. In “My Boss My Hero,” she shared the screen with Tomoya Nagase. Her collaboration with Taisuke Fujigaya in “Beginners!” showcased her ability to work with leading actors. She appeared alongside Haruka Ayase in “Stepmother and Daughter Blues.” Hasebe worked with Masaki Suda in “Asadora” and with Jun Matsumoto in “Lucky Seven.” She also collaborated with Kento Nakajima in “Kamen Teacher,” with Ryosuke Yamada in “Assassination Classroom,” and with Shohei Miura in “GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka.”