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Does Maya Higa Have Any Pets?

Alveus Sanctuary

Adopted Feb 2021

Alveus Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization, provides a home for non-releasable exotic animals while offering online conservation education mainly via Twitch and YouTube. Founded by Maya Higa in February 2021, Alveus raised its initial capital of over $500,000 through a 21-hour live stream. The organization has since garnered over $1 million through various fundraising activities and collaborations with other streamers like Ludwig Ahgren and Britt and Malena.

The sanctuary, situated on 15 acres in Austin, Texas, is not publicly accessible but thrives online. It utilizes the power of live streams to educate audiences about conservation. Animals at Alveus, referred to as “ambassadors,” range from Emus to Macaws and Chinchillas, each with their unique conservation story to tell. In April 2023, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy visited Alveus, further solidifying its relevance in the online community. Higa’s educational series, Animal Quest, and a weekly Twitch show called Nerve Center, help spread conservation messages to a wider audience. These endeavors have made Alveus a pioneer in combining technology with wildlife education and conservation efforts.

Peewee McNugget (Goat)

Adopted May 2023

Maya Higa is quite busy with a plethora of animals at Alveus Sanctuary. Among the diverse bunch is Peewee McNugget, who became a part of the sanctuary family in May 2023.

Moo (Cow)

Breed: Cow

They have a cow named Moo.

Rabbits (Rabbit)

Some big rabbits.

Chickens (Bird)

Breed: Chicken

Lets not forget, some chickens.

Falcons (Bird)

Breed: Falcon

And some falcons.

Mavvy (Dog)

Maya Higa also has a couple dogs at home, one named Mavvy.

Chompy (Cat)

Maya Higa has a cat named Chompy.

Maya Higa

Maya Higa Pets


May 24, 1998 (26)

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Maya Higa is a notable American streamer and conservationist. She established Alveus Sanctuary, a nonprofit sanctuary for exotic animals that doubles as a virtual education center situated in Austin, Texas. In addition, she hosts the Conservation Cast, a podcast aired on her Twitch channel with the aim of bridging the gap between her viewers and the world of conservation.

While the spotlight often shines on celebrities in mainstream film or television, Higa has crafted her unique niche within the Twitch streaming ecosystem. Known for her entertaining and educational livestreams, she often introduces her viewers to an array of animals—fostering a deep love for conservation. Her channel has become a digital bridge that connects viewers to animal rehabilitation centers and educates them on wildlife conservation.

Higa has joined forces with a multitude of other well-known figures in the online space. Some of these collaborators include Mizkif (Matthew Rinaudo), Ludwig Ahgren, Hasan Piker, Pokimane (Imane Anys), Asmongold (Zack), Sodapoppin (Chance Morris), xQc (Félix Lengyel), Disguised Toast (Jeremy Wang), Nmplol (Nick Polom), and Shroud (Michael Grzesiek).

While conventional celebrities may boast about their Emmys or Oscars, Higa’s achievements come in the form of successful philanthropic initiatives. She has managed to raise significant amounts for wildlife conservation and rehabilitation organizations. One of her most noted feats was fundraising $500,000 for Alveus Sanctuary, a project aimed at creating a sanctuary for rescued animals.