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December 31, 2000 (23)

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Logan Sargeant is an American racing driver who, over the years, has carved a niche for himself on the racing circuits worldwide. With unmatched precision and agility, he has demonstrated his prowess on the tracks, leaving audiences captivated by his skills and tenacity.

Known for his performances in the FIA Formula 3 Championship, Logan has been instrumental in driving his team to many victories, showcasing a level of expertise that places him amongst the top racing drivers of his generation. His consistent races and strategic driving maneuvers have established him as a force to be reckoned with in the motorsport arena.

Throughout his career, Logan has collaborated with some of the most influential figures in the racing world. From racing alongside Oscar Piastri and Liam Lawson to engaging with team principals like Trevor Carlin and joining forces with the likes of David Beckmann and Lirim Zendeli, his professional network has added depth and dimension to his career. This has not only enhanced his performance but has also provided racing enthusiasts with some thrilling races to remember, especially when he locked horns with drivers like Alex Peroni, Frederik Vesti, and Max Fewtrell on the tracks.

Among his most prominent achievements is clinching the 2017 F4 British Championship, which solidified his position as a formidable driver in the motorsport world.