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Jeremy Dooley's Pets

Does Jeremy Dooley Have Any Pets?

Proud Cat Daddy Jeremy Dooley has adopted 5 rescue cats named Scooter, Scamper, Skipper, Zipper, and Booker.

Scooter (Cat)


Jeremy Dooley adopted a cat named Scooter that’s also known Poofen. Scooter went missing in April 2021, but luckily returned 6 months later in November.

Scamper (Cat)

Adopted Aug 2021

Jeremy Dooley adopted a cat named Scamper in August 2021. Together Skipper, the pair of girls are known as the “Beebs”.

Skipper (Cat)

Adopted Aug 2021

Jeremy Dooley adopted a cat named Skipper at the same time as Scamper.

Zipper (Cat)

Breed: Ginger

Jeremy Dooley has a rescued ginger cat named Zipper, aka the “Yellow One”

Booker (Cat)

Breed: Black

Jeremy Dooley has a black rescue cat named Booker also goes by the nickname Boo.

Jeremy Dooley

Jeremy Dooley Pets


June 5, 1991 (32)

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Jeremy Dooley is a content creator, voice actor, and video game streamer best known for his work with the gaming collective, Achievement Hunter. He joined the group in 2014 and has since become a fan favorite for his humor and gaming skills. Dooley is also known for his voice-acting work in various animated shows and video games.

Dooley has collaborated with several well-known gamers and influencers, including Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Rooster Teeth. He has also appeared on several episodes of the Rooster Teeth animated series “RWBY,” providing the voice for several characters.

Apart from his work with Achievement Hunter, Dooley has also done voiceover work for various video games, including “RWBY: Grimm Eclipse,” “Nomad of Nowhere,” and “Battle Chef Brigade.”