Sammy the Seal is the official king of fish-thieving

Gangster’s come in all shapes and species, from Wu-Tang’s RZA to this camera-nabbing seagull but they don’t hold a candle to Sammy the Seal.

Sammy the Seal is a Wicklow local who’s figured out the ultimate snacking life-hack. He swims up to the South Quay in Wicklow, Ireland three times a day. The fishmongers at the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant come out of their shop to throw Sammy a tasty treat. If the fishmongers fail to pay Sammy his due, however, there’s trouble.

sammy the seal wicklow

Without his daily fish, Sammy will bellyflop himself out of the water and onto the street. He’s fearless as he charges blindly into the Lighthouse, mad with hunger. He refuses to back down, even when the fishmongers are wielding chairs like in the video below. More often than not, the raids payout and Sammy gets what he came for.

Watch as the fishmonger pleads with Sammy to get back in the water and stop terrifying the villagers. Of course, he eventually relents to Sammy’s pure power and throws him his fish-tax.

Sammy’s a local favorite with the Wicklow children. We honestly can not think of a better role model than fish-robbing Sammy the Seal.

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