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Does Heyoon Jeong Have Any Pets?

Salgu (Dog)

Heyoon Jeong adopted a dog named Salgu (살구) which translates to Apricot in English.

Peachy (Dog)

Heyoon Jeong has another dog named Peachy.

Heyoon Jeong

Heyoon Jeong Pets


October 1, 1996 (27)

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Musicians K-POP Dancers

Heyoon Jeong has made a name for herself as a South Korean singer, dancer, and member of the global pop group Now United. Since her debut, she’s showcased a versatile skill set, mesmerizing audiences worldwide.

While best known for her significant contributions to Now United, her performances aren’t just confined to the music group. As the group’s representative for South Korea, Heyoon has been pivotal in several of their chart-topping songs, blending her distinct voice and dance moves with the diverse offerings from the group. The ensemble, spanning different nationalities, offers a melting pot of styles and genres, and Heyoon has time and again proven her mettle by standing out in their high-energy performances where she has earned title of “Dance Captain” of Now United.

In the realm of collaborations, Heyoon Jeong has worked alongside a spectrum of artists, establishing a myriad of professional relationships. These collaborations span various members of Now United, including Shivani Paliwal, Sabina Hidalgo, Bailey May, Sofya Plotnikova, Lamar Morris, Krystian Wang, Hina Yoshihara, Diarra Sylla, Joalin Loukamaa, Any Gabrielly, Josh Beauchamp, Sina Deinert, and Nour Ardakani.