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July 21, 1993 (30)

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Gabriel Leone is a Brazilian actor known for his roles in the television series “Verdades Secretas” and “Velho Chico,” as well as the film “Eduardo e Mônica.”

Leone’s television career includes playing Gustavo in “Verdades Secretas” (2015), a role that marked his entry into notable television dramas, and Miguel in “Velho Chico” (2016), which solidified his presence in the Brazilian television industry. His role in the film “Eduardo e Mônica” (2021) brought to life the story of the iconic song by Legião Urbana. In addition, his leading role in the series “Dom” (2021) on Amazon Prime Video broadened his reach to international audiences.

Throughout his career, Gabriel Leone has collaborated with several notable actors. His performance alongside Camila Queiroz in “Verdades Secretas” was a critical part of the series’ success. In “Velho Chico,” he interacted with well-known Brazilian actors such as Antonio Fagundes and Selma Egrei. His collaboration with Alice Braga in “Eduardo e Mônica” was essential in adapting the popular song into a narrative film. Additionally, in “Dom,” he worked closely with Flávio Tolezani and Isabella Santoni, which enhanced the series’ depth and appeal.