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Does Connor Ball Have Any Pets?

Arlo (Dog)

Adopted Apr 2023

Connor Ball adopted a dog named Arlo in May 2023.

Rex (Bearded Dragon)

Connor Ball has a Bearded Dragon named Rex.

Harry (Hamster)

Connor Ball had a Hamster named Harry.

Connor Ball

Connor Ball Pets

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Connor Ball, an English musician, is widely recognized for his work as the bassist and vocalist of the pop-rock band “The Vamps.” His musical prowess and impactful voice have contributed significantly to the band’s success, carving a distinct niche for Ball in the global music industry.

Connor Ball’s contribution to The Vamps’ discography is quite extensive, with five studio albums, four EPs, and numerous singles to his credit. Notably, the album “Cherry Blossom” stands as a testament to his musical talents. This particular album, released in October 2020, was well-received by critics and fans alike, showing Ball’s and the band’s growth and depth in their musical style. Ball’s bass lines and vocals added a unique element to the tracks, making it a celebrated work in his career.

On his journey as a musician, Ball has crossed paths and collaborated with numerous artists, adding a rich variety to his portfolio. Working with other musicians such as Matoma on the track “All Night” and Martin Jensen on the song “Middle of the Night,” his musical collaborations have extended beyond the borders of his band. Moreover, he has collaborated with other celebrities including Demi Lovato, OMI, Maggie Lindemann, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Mike Perry, and Sigala.

Throughout his career, Connor Ball and The Vamps have been recognized for their musical contribution. They clinched the Radio Disney Music Award for Best Music Group in 2017. They were also successful in gaining the title of “World’s Best Album” at the World Music Awards in 2014 for their album “Meet The Vamps.”

Away from the musical stage, Ball is also known for his passionate advocacy for animals. He is a devoted dog parent to his pet Jesse, and frequently uses his public platform to promote animal well-being. He partnered with the charity organization “Blue Cross,” which is dedicated to improving the lives of sick, injured, and homeless pets.