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Murph (Dog)

Billy Gibbons had a dog named Murph.

Billy Gibbons

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December 16, 1949 (74)

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Billy Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, primarily known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of ZZ Top, a rock band he helped form in 1969. His work with the band led to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gibbons is celebrated for his distinctive guitar playing style, characterized by pinch harmonics and a deep understanding of the blues genre. His visual image, notably his long beard, alongside bandmates Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, has become iconic in popular culture. Gibbons’ contributions have played a crucial role in the development and popularization of the Southern rock and blues-rock genres.

Throughout his career with ZZ Top, Gibbons has been pivotal in creating a sound that blends blues, hard rock, and Southern rock, leading to widespread commercial success and critical acclaim. Albums such as “Eliminator” and “Afterburner” have become landmarks in rock music, featuring hits like “La Grange,” “Tush,” and “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” These works contributed to the band’s multi-platinum success and solidified their place in rock history. Beyond ZZ Top, Gibbons has explored various musical avenues in his solo career, releasing albums that delve into his broad musical influences, including his solo debut “Perfectamundo” and “The Big Bad Blues.”

Gibbons’ career is also marked by significant collaborations with a wide range of musicians and artists, underscoring his influence and respect within the music community. He has worked alongside legends such as B.B. King. Collaborations with rock icon Jeff Beck, the multifaceted Kid Rock, and the innovative Queens of the Stone Age highlight Gibbons’ ability to transcend musical boundaries. His engagements with legendary figures like Les Paul and John Lee Hooker further demonstrate his reverence for the foundational elements of American music.