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November 5, 1962 (61)

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Alvin Drew is an American astronaut and colonel in the United States Air Force, recognized for his significant contributions to space exploration. His career is marked by his participation in two space shuttle missions.

Drew’s journey in space exploration is highlighted by his roles in the STS-118 and STS-133 missions. In the STS-118 mission aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2007, he served as a mission specialist, playing a crucial role in the construction and maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS). His second mission, STS-133, saw him aboard Space Shuttle Discovery in 2011, where he again served as a mission specialist. This mission was notable for being the final flight of Discovery, adding a historical significance to Drew’s career.

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of Drew’s career, working alongside numerous astronauts and space professionals. Notable individuals include Charles Hobaugh, commander of STS-133, and Steve Lindsey, the mission’s pilot. Other key collaborators are fellow mission specialists Michael Barratt, Nicole Stott, and Steve Bowen. During STS-118, he worked closely with commander Scott Kelly, pilot Charles Hobaugh, and mission specialists Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Barbara Morgan, and Richard Mastracchio.

Drew’s accomplishments have been recognized through various awards and honors. He has received the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the Air Medal. His contributions to space exploration were further acknowledged when he was awarded the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.