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Does Alice Cooper Have Any Pets?


Alice Cooper has always had pet snakes. Over the last 40 years, he has kept a few named Cobra Winfrey, Count Strangula, Julius Squeezer and Christopher Lee.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Pets


February 4, 1948 (76)

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Alice Cooper, a well-known figure in the realm of rock music, carved a name for himself through his outrageous performances and uniquely dark style. Born Vincent Damon Furnier, he later adopted his band’s name as his own, becoming universally recognized as Alice Cooper. With an enduring presence in the industry, Cooper is best known for pioneering a theatrical brand of hard rock designed to shock.

Over the span of his career, Cooper has created a discography filled with memorable albums that have set the tone for the rock genre. “School’s Out,” for instance, emerged as a teenage anthem for a generation and subsequently garnered worldwide fame. Another noteworthy album, “Billion Dollar Babies,” reached the top of the charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom, exhibiting Cooper’s international appeal. His experimental approach to music, combining elements of horror and vaudeville with hard rock, resulted in the groundbreaking album “Welcome to My Nightmare,” widely recognized as a masterstroke in concept album storytelling.

Cooper’s influence and impact have extended beyond his solo work, leading to significant collaborations with a variety of artists, celebrities, and influential people. Among his numerous collaborations, his work with the original Alice Cooper band members Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton, and Neal Smith, particularly stands out. Beyond that, Cooper has worked closely with renowned songwriter Bernie Taupin, guitar legend Joe Perry, and pop icon Ke$ha. Other collaborations of note include teaming up with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry in the supergroup Hollywood Vampires and working with Slash, Rob Zombie, and Bob Ezrin on various projects.

Alice Cooper has been duly awarded for his contribution to music. In 2011, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a testament to his influential career. Additionally, his distinct radio show, “Nights with Alice Cooper,” has been recognized with the Silver Dome Award for Best Major Market Night Show by the Illinois Broadcasters Association. Not just confined to music, Cooper’s cameo role in the horror film “Prince of Darkness” won him a Saturn Award nomination.

Notably, Cooper’s compassion extends beyond his music. He is a known supporter of animal rights and has been actively involved with various animal non-profit organizations. He has been particularly vocal about his involvement with the Arizona Animal Welfare League, the state’s largest and oldest no-kill shelter.