Cedric the Sausage Dog Is Living a Foodie Dream With Gourmet Home-Cooked Meals (@Thecedlife)

When Cedric the Sausage Dog first arrived at his furever home, he had a bad tummy, dry skin, and a dull coat. His new mom took notice and decided to start cooking him nutritious gourmet meals, supplemented with healthy oil supplements.

Since then, he’s been feeling (and looking) fantastic! Now with the combination of his personal chef/fur mom’s cooking skills and his good looks and charm, Cedric is a certified foodie influencer. For proof, their latest Korean BBQ TikTok has almost 11 million views in less than two weeks!

@thecedlife Replying to @rhiannoncannon Do not try at home KBBQ is the BEST food experience. Makes the perfect dog meal as well! @Korean Englishman Dog tries korean bbq for the first time! #koreanbbq #kbbq #bbq #dogfood #doglife #puppytok #dogtok ♬ Gangnam Style – Gangnam Style

All of Cedric’s meals are made with high-quality, dog-friendly ingredients. And this includes both the food and drinks.

@thecedlife Replying to @upsidedownkay1 COOKBOOK PREORDERS—Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to share it with you soon & can’t believe all the support. If you haven’t yet, you can preorder it through the website in our bio. Note: It looks like a lot of “crust” but it’s actually mostly egg held together with some coconut flour. (Coconut flour is low glycemic & a source of fiber & protein!) Today’s MEATLOVERS pizza with extra sardines and a cold Crust: 1 whipped egg 1 tsp coconut flour Sauce: Beet Sweet potato Topping: Lamb Liver Sardine Cheese Basil Drink: Bone broth Multivitamin powder Goat milk foam #pizza #dogfood #dachshund #minidachshund #doglife #dogeating #eatingsounds #sausagedog #pizzalover #pizzatime #dogsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok ♬ original sound – thecedlife

Anyone who loves nachos, knows fresh tortilla chips make a huge difference. (And you don’t have to tell Cedric, clearly.)

@thecedlife You can make these nacho chips too from our cookie mixes!!! Toppings Ground beef Sweet potato+ egg yolk Strawberries Cucumber Mashed cooked peas Yogurt Drink Bone broth Carrot Beet Yogurt Cookie crumbs Multivitamin powder Cucumber #nachos #snacking #nachorecipe #dogfood #sausagedog #minidachshund #dogsoftiktok #doglife ♬ A Cup of Coffee – Muspace

Cedric recently enjoyed a delicious Bark Wellington inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe.

@thecedlife @Gordon Ramsay This is my audition for Dog Masterchef What do you think of our Bark Wellington? #gordonramsay #beefwellington #dogfood #doglife #dogcooking #dogchef ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Cedric does get a bit jealous of his mom’s junk food. And his mom is happy to indulge him with doggy treat versions of Haribo gummy bears, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Doritos (but still sticks to healthy ingredients)

@thecedlife Cookbook will be out Aug 23!! DOG “JUNK” FOOD SERIES BARKIBO BONE BROTH BEARS Gummy base: 10g (1 tbsp) grass-fed beef gelatin 40ml (~2.5 tbsp) cold water 40ml (~2.5 tbsp) bone broth CHOOSE A FLAVOR: 0.5 g (1/8 tsp) Spinach powder 0.5 g (1/8 tsp) Beet powder 0.5 g (1/8 tsp) Purple Potato powder (you could use fresh fruit or veg by blending it with the bone broth before heating) Put 1 tbsp gelatin in a small bowl with cold water. Set aside. In a small pot heat up the bone broth with the veggie powder until nearly boiling but not yet. Remove from heat. Pour into the bowl with gelatin and stir to combine. Pour into your gummy bear molds. Refrigerate for 4 hours. This is not a complete meal. It’s a TREAT. Feed in moderation. 🙂 #gummybears #gummybear #dogfood #dogtreat #doglife #dogmomlife ♬ Pure Imagination – Dotan Negrin + Prismatic Mantis

And Cedric didn’t forget dessert!

@thecedlife Crust made from cookie mixes in our shop. What do you think of a little dessert series? What desserts would you like to see? TODAY’S CHEESECAKE (NO BAKE) Crust: Crushed dog cookies Coconut oil Water Cheesecake: homemade turkey bone broth— SO nutritious & delicious (I drink it too!) beef gelatin (full of collagen & protein as well) probiotic cream cheese greek yogurt Sauce: bone broth cooked beets blueberries: bone broth goat milk foam #cheesecake #cheesecakefactory #newyorkcheeseckae #doglife #sausagedog #minidachshund #dogfood #puppylife #eatingsounds #dogseating #cutedogs #dessert #desserts #dogdessert ♬ original sound – thecedlife

For more foodie fun with Cedric, follow @thecedlife on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. If you’re interested in spoiling your pup, Cedric has just launched a cookbook and dog food products which you can buy on preciouscreatures.co.

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