It’s no secret that pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. What may be a secret, however, is that many of these pets are taking their talents on the road and going on amazing adventures. From surfing to safaris, these furry and feathered friends are showing the world that they can handle anything.

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Looting dog Otis takes advantage of Hurricane Harvey to score kibble

Hurricane Harvey has wrecked havoc on Texas, but one resourceful pup managed to make the tropical storm work in his favor. Otis, a mixed breed dog, disappeared from his owner Salvador Segovia’s home during the tropical storm and didn’t return empty-pawed. Local resident Tiele Dockens snapped this photo of Otis, casually walking down a street in his hometown Sinton, Texas following the initial blows of Hurricane Harvey.

Check out these badass “sea wolves” that hunt underwater

We all love wolves for being the wild relatives of the doggos we’re proud to be best friends with. While wolves are already awesome, there is a rare group of extra badass “sea wolves” found on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Genetically distinct from the usually land-based wolves, these wolves swim from island to island and hunt sea animals for around 90% of their diet.

Loki the Wolfdog adventures through backcountry with photographer dad

Part Malamute, part arctic wolf, part husky and all good boy, Loki the Wolfdog is one man’s best friend. Kelly Lund brought Loki home as a pup during a blizzard in 2012. The two immediately started going on adventures together, Lund had Loki backcountry snowboarding when he was only four months old.

These tropical swimming pigs are your new vacation goals

It’s still a mystery how these lucky porkers retired to a leisurely life on a tropical island, but we do know we’re super jealous. Found on Big Major Cay in the Exumas islands of the Bahamas, there are two theories on their origin. Credit: @theswimmingpigs IG One is they were left many years ago by pirates, who planned to return and bbq them.

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Luxury Hotels in North America

Looking to do a little travelling with your four-legged bestie? Check out our top 10 dog-friendly luxury hotels in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The Peninsula Hotel – New York City, New York At the legendary Peninsula Hotel in NYC, you can expect the best for your pooch. Complimentary amenities include Peninsula-branded bowls, dog beds, personalized water bottles and welcome treats.

Potcake Place: white sand beaches, tropical waters and puppies

What’s better than taking a tropical vacation? Going on a trip to an island full of puppies, of course. Potcake Place is a dog rescue charity based in Providenciales, an island in the northwest Caicos Islands, which are part of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Mr Bentley the helicopter loving adventure bulldog

If you’ve been on the internet in the last year or so, you’ve probably stumbled across this epic viral video of an average day in the life of Mr Bentley and Brad Friesen. If you haven’t seen it, try not to let your jaw drop too far. Bradley Friesen is a helicopter pilot based out of Vancouver, BC.

These skateboarding and surfing cats of Catmantoo can summer better than you

If you’re looking for some summer fun inspo, check out Didga, a rescue cat and his brother from another mother Boomer, a bengal. They live in Australia with Robert Dollwet (@Catmantoo) and both know how to ride, party and chill better than most humans. Credit: @catmantoo IG Didga has been famous for a few years, thanks to his skateboarding skills.

Adventure Cats Bolt and Keel @adventrapets: rescued from a garbage now climb mountains

Meet Bolt and Keel @adventrapets, two rescues tearing down stereotypes with their kittycat claws. They’re not afraid of water, courageously sailing across oceans and lakes, and they rarely catnap, scoffing at the apathetic couchpotato kitty who foolishly chases a laser pointer for fun. Credit: @adventrapets IG The kitty brothers were found abandoned behind a garbage bin in a Sooke, BC park by two women, Danielle and Kayleen.

Dog breaks out of animal hospital, rumored to star in next Mission Impossible film

A great pyrenees dog appropriately named General pulled off an escape that would make Tom Cruise proud in a Mission Impossible style escape.