After Passing Away, Jimmy Buffet’s Final Music Video, ‘Like My Dog,’ Is Released To Support Pet Adoption

The late Jimmy Buffett, while currently enjoying a hammock in heaven, has released his final music titled “Like My Dog,” a tribute to his rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, as well as the dogs of all his fans. The video also advocates for pet adoptions and to raise funds for the ASPCA.

Jimmy Buffett final music video called Like My Dog benefits pet adoption
Credit: Jimmy Buffett/YouTube

His final video is a montage of happy memories with his four beloved rescue spaniels and clips from his fans and their fur babies. He sings about how his relationship with his dogs are pretty much perfect, with lyrics like, “She never tells me that she’s sick of this house. She never says, ‘Why don’t you get off that couch?’/ She don’t cost nothin’ when she wants to go out/ I want you to love me like my dog.” And incredibly, his spaniel Jojo appears to be the track’s producer.

We’re back in business here. If you got dogs out there, I’m your guy. Just remember, we don’t do cats, we don’t do frogs. Here at Jim’s, we just do dogs.

Jimmy Buffet, “Like My Dog”

Buffett was as well known for helping the environment and animals as he was for helping humans kick back and relax. His signature blend of country, folk, and Caribbean vibes has been part of Americana since the 1960s. Since the 1970s, he’s also been known for helping animals by founding the Save the Manatee Club, lobbying for the Endangered Species Act. He has also helped his fellow humans out with charity concerts for various hurricane relief efforts and environmental disasters.

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