Tuna & The Rock Cats Are Going on Tour!

Yes, you heard that right! Tuna & The Rock Cats are going on tour!! But if you’re somehow not already a Rock Cats fan, let me fill you in. First thing to know is The Rock Cats, also known as the Acro-Cats, are not Hollywood nepo pets (for example, Claudia Schiffer’s cat, Chip, landing a leading role in her husband’s movie Argylle). They’re all domestic housecats that are former strays, orphans, and rescues – Who have been given the chance and training to become celebrity pet performers!

Tuna and the Rock Cats - The Amazing AcroCats - Jazz Cats
Credit: @acrocats/Instagram

Their Acro-Cat performances include classics just as jumping through hoops, balancing on balls, riding skateboards, and other incredible feline feats.

Then for their show’s finale, Tuna & The Rock Cats take the stage to perform on guitars, drums, and a piano. And like most famous rock stars, you can tell they’re channeling their angst and trauma into rocking tunes.

Here’s Bowie with one of his signature drum solos.

And St. Claude on guitar.

They’re also often joined by the Jazz Cats, who you’ll see on the saxophone, trumpet, and clarinet.

Sorry, that was just them warming up, here’s the real deal:

Their rendition of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” is a fan favorite.

And no, they’re not rock stars just for the cat nip and groupies – They perform to raise funds for the Rock Cats Rescue, which has found homes for hundreds of kittens since 2009! They will be touring Texas in April and May and then an East Coast tour in July and August.

For more info, tickets and to donate, visit rockcatrescue.org. And if you aren’t lucky enough to see them live, follow them at @acrocats on Instagram and TikTok, and at @RockCatsRescue on Facebook.

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