Funny pets bring the best laughs. We have a great collection of the most up-to-date funny dog videos and other cute animals of our four-legged friends.

Netflix’s hit documentary series Tiger King was filled with larger-than-life characters such as the Tiger King himself Joe Exotic and his nemesis Carole f**king Baskin. The show and its stars inspired a million memes and parodies. Via Jeffery Kast / Facebook Two friends took it to the next level by staging their own Tiger King themed-photoshoot on their farm in Wisconsin.

Hang Hang, a white lion and resident of Guangzhou Zoo in China, recently debuted a new look which has gone viral and divided the internet. The Tiger King-inspired look has people accusing the zoo of cutting the lion’s hair with others just praising his new 80s vibe. Who wore it better?

Toko-san is a human that clearly thinks dogs are the best, which we fully agree with. And since us humans can’t beat them at being the best, Toko-san decided to join them and fulfill a life-long dream. He did this by spending 2 million Yen (about $16,000 USD) and 40 days to have an ultra-realistic collie costume made especially for him.

Some dogs are smarter than others and this one is at the top of his game. Boji, a Sivas Kangal and shepherd dog, a local stray dog, has become a local celebrity in Turkey’s metropolitan city of Istanbul by learning how to get around by public transit. He travels using ferries, subways, and buses to get around the city.

A walrus named Wally has been exploring European waters for the past few months. Far from his native home of the Arctic, he’s suspected to have fallen asleep on an iceberg near Greenland earlier this year, and drifted south. The fine folk at at Clonakilty Distillery in Ireland spotted the huge walrus on one of their boats. “It was definitely unexpected,”. “Wally’s been spotted in Irish waters before, but we never thought in a million years we’d see him here, especially in one of our team’s boat.” “He seemed pretty relaxed, just chilling in the boat,” Collins said. “

Leyla and Bear, two clever dogs, have reinvented an age of past time and we love them for it. Clearly these dogs enjoy each others company but dogs need more than a companion. They need excercise.

Dog get up to all kinds of mischief and learn new tricks in the process, this dog is way ahead of the curve. Sneaking out is the easy part for the most part, getting back inside is the most difficult part of the journey. But not for this little guy.

If you missed the news in 2020, the tiny town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, decided they had enough of human’s leading the pack. In a close race with Pitbull incumbent Brynneth Pawltro, French Bulldog Wilbur became the town’s new mayor on November 3, 2020. Wilbur’s won by a narrow margin but his campaign slogan gave him the advantage, “Give me liberty or give me… Milk-Bones”.

Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen got a hamster, named it Peanut Butter, and has promptly lost it twice. lol crap christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) March 25, 2019 Chrissy Teigen bought Peanut Butter, a brown and white hamster, for her daughter Luna. It does, however, seem like maybe Teigen actually just wanted Peanut Butter for herself.

Snow Camel took Twitter by storm. People were posting videos left, right, and centre, asking themselves where did this heroic camel come from? Chillin in the snow on the side of Route 309 in Pennsylvania, Snow Camel looked way out of place.