The Invincibles: Apple Teams up With 3D Pets To Create Disabled Dog Prosthetics

3DPets is an innovative and pet-loving company that uses 3D printing to streamline the creation of custom prosthetics and wheelchairs for dogs. What they do is ship dog parents a casting kit to make a mold of their fur baby’s body. Then, the mold is shipped back to them, where it’s used to 3D print a prosthetic leg or wheelchair that is personally fitted to each pup.

Apple and 3DPets create 3Dprinted prosthetics for rescue dogs
Credit: Apple/3DPets

Noe 3DPets has teamed up with Apple, who demonstrates that with their new iPhone TrueDepth and LiDAR features, you can scan your pet’s body with the iPhone’s camera and skip shipping and creating a cast altogether.

@3d.pets We use the iPhone 14 Pro to help make our custom 3D printed prostheses. Now we get a chance to show the whole world. It’s incredible to see our dogs in action for @apple. #shotoniphone ♬ original sound – 3DPets: Prosthetics & Carts!

With Apple’s marketing muscle, tons more disabled parents will learn about a solution for their pup’s mobility issues, plus it helps promote disabled dog adoption. It’s always great to see a big company combine promoting their products while helping a great cause, such as disabled dogs.

As part of their joint promotion, Apple is releasing a series of videos called “The Invincibles,” which profile a different disabled doggo. The first being a rescue pup named Trip.

And while dogs are their biggest customers, they don’t discriminate and can help four-legged loved ones of all shapes and sizes!

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