In recent years, cats have become household names and internet sensations. From Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub, these famous felines have garnered millions of followers and even starred in their own movies. These cats have truly taken the world by storm with their charming personalities and adorable looks. With their rise in popularity, it’s clear that cats are truly the new “it” pets.


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Rescue Pit Bull Mom Adopting 3 Blind Kittens Is the Only Thing You Need to See Today

Rescue pit bulls adopts 3 blind cats, more proof pit bulls are awesome parents. Here’s a great story about great parents, both animal and humans. Pit bulls Alfie and Frankie were found five years ago, locked in a shed and starving to death.

“If It Fits, I Sits”, Maru, the Cardboard Box King’s Mantra Could Teach us All Something

Maru @maruhanamogu, the box aficionado, is a cardboard king who lives his life by the mantra “if I fits, I sits”. He’s gathered over 20k followers on Instagram but his real claim to fame is his YouTube channel. He’s got hundreds of so-cute-you-want-to-die videos where he’ll squeeze his fluffy kitty body into much too small boxes.

Lost Cat Goes on a 2,000 Mile, 4-year Mystery Trip from California to Canada

BooBoo the cat’s story started in 2013 when she was found by Ashley Aleman. Only a few months old, BooBoo was a stray that was lucky to be found by Ashley and her sister. Their parents had said they couldn’t get a cat and they already had a pit bull, so the sisters hid BooBoo for a week.

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Officially Ban Eating Dog and Cat Meat

In Asia, eating dogs and cats is legal, but many people there are changing their views on this controversial issue. Taiwan is now the first Asian country to make it an official law that dogs and cats can’t be slaughtered and sold for humans to eat. This is part of new animal protection laws that have been developing in the country for the last few years.

National Pet Day April 11th – Grab Your Fur Baby and Show Them Some Love

April 11th is National Pet Day! Grab your fur baby and show them some love. If you’re pet-less you can still observe the most important holiday of the year by heading down to an animal shelter to do some good.

Nala the Cat From Rescue to Riches Makes $15,000 for each Sponsored Post

Meet Nala Cat, if this isn’t your first time on the internet you’ve probably seen her before. The kitty has stunted legs, big periwinkle eyes and, according to MSN, makes $15,500 for each sponsored post. She was adopted by owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan on a whim.

Venus the two-faced Chimera Cat is a Biological Miracle and also Instafamous

Venus, the two-faced Chimera cat, has over a million followers on both Instagram and Facebook and we can see why. The cat has a captivating two-toned face and different coloured eyes. Credit: @venustwofacecat IG There are two leading theories of why Venus looks the way she does.

Cat Wine is a Thing Now and Your Cat Demands It

Did your kitty have a long day at the office and can’t wait for happy hour? Try Cat Wine! Is your feline looking to Netflix and chill?

Keeping Up With The Kattarshians: The kitten version of the Kardashians we always wanted

So you need a break from Kim Kardashian and her krew? Or maybe just the whole world in general? Well, there’s a new reality show from Iceland that can distract you with cuteness 24/7, thanks to their three live Youtube feeds.

How a Feral Silicon Valley Cat Became Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat @hamilton_the_hipster_cat was once a feral in Silicon Valley. He made an instant connection with his techie dad who adopted him on the spot. For Ham, it’s a classic rags to riches story.