Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart will host and coach at Puppy Bowl 2022

This inseparable duo is most famous for their shared love of food and dried herbs, but they’re also well-known for their love of football and animals. Snoop Dogg has a dog pack of over ten dogs and a few cats. His most famous pet is Julez, his blue French bulldog, who has almost 60,000 Instagram followers. Matha Stewart has a variety of pets including dogs, cats, canaries, pigeons, peacocks, geese, cows, horses, chinchillas, a mine-donkey, and more. She’s most known for her love of chows with four total, her two French bulldogs named Francesca and Sharkey, as well as her shetland pony named Harrison Ford. Snoop coaches his youth football team called Snoops’s Steelers. They’re part of the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL), an afterschool program he set up in Los Angeles in 2005 to help kids stay focused on their goals. Stewart is known for her epic Superbowl parties and is a go-to for Superbowl recipes.

Puppy Bowl 2022 Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart
Image via Animal Planet/Discovery+

This Superbowl Sunday on Feb 13th, they’re set to return as hosts for Puppy Bowl XVIII on Discovery+ and Animal Planet. Not only with the host, but they’ll also coach each team. Snoop will coach the challengers, Team Fluff, while Stewart will coach the returning champions, Team Ruff. They will help the pups train ahead of the game, with the winning team receiving the “Lombarky” trophy. The pair will also give play-by-play updates during the game. This is all to raise awareness for adopting rescues, with over 100 adoptable puppies being featured during the big event. Check out a highlight from last year’s Big Game below:

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