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Does Xenia Goodwin Have Any Pets?

Zena (Cat)

Xenia Goodwin has a cat named Zena[1].

Coppa (Dog)

Xenia Goodwin also has a dog named Coppa.[2]

Moo (Dog)

Xenia Goodwin has a dog named Moo.

Xenia Goodwin

Xenia Goodwin Pets


February 7, 1994 (30)

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Xenia Goodwin is an Australian actress and dancer, best known for her role as Tara Webster in the television series “Dance Academy.”

Goodwin’s acting career began with her prominent role in “Dance Academy,” where she portrayed Tara Webster from 2010 to 2013. The series was a significant success, leading to three seasons and a feature film, “Dance Academy: The Movie,” released in 2017. Besides her defining role in “Dance Academy,” Goodwin has also appeared in other television projects such as “The Jesters” and “Winter.”

Throughout her career, Goodwin has collaborated with various notable actors. On “Dance Academy,” she worked alongside Jordan Rodrigues, Dena Kaplan, and Alicia Banit. Her role in “Winter” included collaboration with Rebecca Gibney, while in “The Jesters,” she acted alongside Mick Molloy and Susie Porter.