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Mr. Algernon Socrates Boy (Rat)

Will Wood had a pet rat named Mr. Algernon Socrates Boy. In 2023, Will shared a touching note dedicated to his lost friend:

Will Wood Mr Algernon Socrates Boy Obituary

Will Wood

Will Wood Pets


July 19, 1993 (30)

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Will Wood is an American musician, known for his eclectic blend of genres and theatrical performance style. He gained prominence as the frontman of the musical project Will Wood and the Tapeworms, with a discography that includes albums like “Everything is a Lot” and “The Normal Album.”

Wood’s career in music is marked by his unique approach to songwriting and performance. His debut album, “Everything is a Lot” (2015), introduced his diverse musical style, combining elements of rock, jazz, and cabaret. This was followed by “SELF-iSH” (2016) and “The Normal Album” (2020).

Collaboration has been a key aspect of Wood’s career. He has worked closely with musicians such as Matt Olsson, who played drums on several of his albums. Producer Jonathan Maisto played a significant role in shaping the sound of Wood’s recordings. Collaborations with artists like Mike Bottiglieri on guitar and Vater Boris on bass have contributed to the distinctive sound of Will Wood and the Tapeworms.