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February 11, 1973 (51)

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Varg Vikernes, primarily known for his role as the sole member of the musical project Burzum, is a figure who has sparked discussion, controversy, and intrigue within the realms of black metal and beyond. His work with Burzum, beginning in the early 1990s, produced several albums that have since become cornerstones in the black metal genre. Songs like “Dunkelheit” and albums such as Filosofem and Hvis lyset tar oss were instrumental in shaping the atmospheric and ambient directions of black metal.

Throughout his career, Vikernes forged various collaborations in the metal scene. He had profound interactions with musicians like Euronymous of Mayhem, Fenriz of Darkthrone, Samoth and Ihsahn of Emperor. Particularly notable was his turbulent relationship with Euronymous, which ended in tragedy. Beyond the music realm, Vikernes’ writings and beliefs attracted attention from other influential figures, including Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho and author Marie Cachet, who subsequently became his spouse.