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SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh), adopted a dog named Ashe in January 2019.

SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh)

SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh)

SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh), born October 22, 1992, is an English-American YouTuber and actress, known for her reaction, commentary, DIY videos, vlogs and gaming videos. She is also known for her collaborations with Dhar Mann. Alia originally started her YouTube career in early 2011 on a channel called sexysexysniper making short vlogs. The channel accumulated 50,000 subscribers, however 2 years later, she made a new channel on January 19, 2013, and deleted the old one around mid-2013 most likely due to the name. Since 2017, the majority of the videos that she uploads are reactions and TikTok videos, along with occasional gaming and challenges. From 2020 onwards, she regularly made it to the Trending Page, gaining her intense popularity.