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Romy Coppola Mars' Pets

Does Romy Coppola Mars Have Any Pets?

Gnocchi (Dog)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sofia Coppola’s dog is a Golden Retriever named Gnocchi.

Philo (Cat)

Sofia Coppola has a cat named Philo.

Romy Coppola Mars

Romy Coppola Mars Pets


November 28, 2006 (17)

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Romy Coppola Mars is a Paris-born, American high school student, daughter of director Sofia Coppola and musician Thomas Mars, and probably an upcoming influencer and content creator. She said her parents don’t allow her to have public social media, so details about her life are private, other than one TikTok she posted that went viral in March 2023, which has since been reposted on Twitter.

Other than being the daughter of an acclaimed director and musician, she’s known for not knowing the difference between garlic and onions and also for not being allowed to charter a helicopter on her dad”s credit card.