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Quentin Quarantino (Tommy Marcus)'s Pets

Does Quentin Quarantino (Tommy Marcus) Have Any Pets?

Quentin Quarantino (No Pets)

Quentin Quarantino, real name Tommy Marcus, has no known pets. He has posted several times about foster dogs he’s taken care of, so we’ll see if he ends up keeping one someday.

Quentin Quarantino (Tommy Marcus)

Quentin Quarantino (Tommy Marcus) Pets

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Tommy Marcus, better known by his alias Quentin Quarantino, is a University of Michigan graduate and an army veteran. He’s famous for his Instagram account @quentin.quarantino, which he started in 2020 to post comedy memes to help people deal with the COVID pandemic. His follower count kept growing and his account shifted to include COVID education and promote various health, political, and charitable causes. He’s launched and supported various fundraisers through his following, notably raising $7 million to rescue Afghans after the United States withdrew their armed forces from the country in 2021 and raising $1 million for Planned Parenthood.