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Olivier Richters does not have any reported pets.

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September 5, 1989 (34)

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Olivier Richters is a Dutch bodybuilder, actor, model, and the founder and CEO of Muscle Meat. Known for his imposing height of 218 cm and physique, he was the cover model of the November 2018 Netherlands’ edition of Men’s Health,[1] and subject of a documentary by the magazine.[2] He was interviewed on Good Morning Britain in April 2019[3] in which his upcoming acting roles were discussed, and he revealed as his inspiration Richard Kiel, the actor of equal height who had portrayed the henchman Jaws in two James Bond films.

In 2021, Richters portrays Ursa in the 2021 film Black Widow in a minor role. He will appear in The King’s Man and Louis Wain in 2021, as well as the untitled fifth Indiana Jones film in 2023.