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Michael J. Fox's Pets

Does Michael J. Fox Have Any Pets?

Michael J. Fox got a pup named Blue after his beloved dog Gus passed away.

Gus the Wonderdog (Dog)

Breed: Mixed Breed | Adopted 2009

Michael J. Fox had a beloved dog named Gus that was a Great Dane-Labrador mix and Chicago Blackhawks fan. Fox has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but he still finds the time to give Gus the TLC he needs day-to-day. In his memoir, Fox called Gus a “wonder dog” for the constant support he gave while Fox battled Parkinson’s disease. Sadly, Gus passed away in April, 2021, at the age of 12.

Blue (Dog)

Adopted Mar 2023

Michael J. Fox got a new dog named Blue in March 2023. Fox hasn’t said what Blue’s breed is, but our guess is an Australian Shepherd-Poodle mix or maybe a mini-Bernedoodle.

Einstein (Dog)

Breed: Bearded Collie | Adopted Oct 1985

In the best film series ever, “Back to the Future,” the character Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, has a dog named Einstein. Einstein is a Bearded Collie and the first dog to travel back in time. He’s often mistaken as a Sheepdog, with Beaded Collies looking very similar. When Marty McFly travels back to 1955, Doc Brown’s dog at that time was named Copernicus. Einstein was named after scientist Albert Einstein. Copernicus was named after Nicolas Copernicus, a mathematician and astronomer from the late 1400s. The dog actor that played Einstein in “Back to the Future” was named Tiger. In “Back to the Future Part II” and “Part III,” Einstein was played by a dog named Freddie. Fun fact, for several stunts that used long shots, a man in a dog suit was used instead of a real dog.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox Pets


June 9, 1961 (62)

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Michael J. Fox is a Canadian-American actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in popular movies and TV shows, including the Back to the Future trilogy, Spin City, and The Good Wife, which starred Julianna Margulies.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Fox began his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1970s, appearing in TV shows such as Leo and Me and the Canadian series, The Beachcombers. He gained nationwide recognition in Canada for his role in the sitcom, Family Ties, which aired from 1982 to 1989. Fox played the character of Alex P. Keaton, a young Republican, and his performance in the show earned him three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

In 1985, Fox gained worldwide fame for his portrayal of Marty McFly in the blockbuster movie, Back to the Future, playing opposite Christopher Lloyd. The movie went on to become a cultural phenomenon and was followed by two sequels. Fox’s performance in the film earned him critical acclaim and cemented his status as a Hollywood A-lister.

Following the success of Back to the Future, Fox continued to work in movies, appearing in films such as The Secret of My Success, Doc Hollywood, and The American President. He also ventured into producing, forming his own production company, which produced the hit TV show, Spin City. Fox starred in the show from 1996 to 2000, playing the role of the Deputy Mayor of New York City. His performance earned him another Golden Globe Award.