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Does KEEMOKAZI Have Any Pets?

Luna (Dog)

Breed: Husky

KEEMOKAZI shared a Husky named Luna with his sister.




November 29, 2002 (21)

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Kareem Hesri, widely recognized by his stage name KEEMOKAZI, is an American artist and internet personality. With a heritage deeply rooted in Arabic culture, Kareem grew up in a lively household alongside his five sisters: Sophie, Sara, Serene, Saby, and Sima. He embarked on his journey to stardom by initially uploading his music tracks such as “Foreign,” “Feel” (featuring his sister Sara), and “Philosophy” to SoundCloud, which significantly contributed to his rise to fame. Collaborations with notable public figures further propelled his visibility. However, it was his innovative use of TikTok, particularly a viral video involving a prank with chocolate eggs, that cemented his status as a beloved content creator known for his humor and engaging content.