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Jonas Dassler does not have any reported pets.

Jonas Dassler

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March 22, 1996 (28)

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Jonas Dassler is a German actor known for his work in German cinema and television. He gained prominence with his role in the film “The Golden Glove,” for which he received critical acclaim and a nomination for the German Film Award for Best Actor.

Dassler’s career in film includes roles in movies such as “Lomo: The Language of Many Others” (2017), where he played the lead character, and “The Silent Revolution” (2018), portraying a student involved in political activism in East Germany. His performance in “The Golden Glove” (2019) as Fritz Honka, a real-life serial killer, marked a pivotal point in his career. Dassler’s television work includes appearances in series like “Tatort.” He has also been involved in voice acting, contributing to various projects in the German entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Jonas Dassler has collaborated with numerous influential figures in the film industry. He worked alongside Alexander Fehling in “The Silent Revolution.” In “The Golden Glove,” his collaboration with Hark Bohm was notable. Dassler has shared the screen with Jannik Schümann in “Lomo: The Language of Many Others.” His work with Victoria Schulz in “We Are Fine” and with Trystan Pütter in “The Silent Revolution” highlights his ability to engage with a wide range of co-stars. Dassler also collaborated with Aylin Tezel in “Tatort.”