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November 29, 1995 (28)

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Liv Hewson is an Australian actor. Born and raised in Canberra, Australia, Liv began their acting career at a young age. Liv has starred in several notable roles over the years, including their breakout role in the 2016 Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet.” In the series, Liv played the role of Abby Hammond, the rebellious daughter of a couple dealing with a zombie outbreak in their suburban neighborhood. Liv’s performance in the series was highly praised by critics, and it helped to establish them as a rising star in the industry.

Another notable role for Liv was in the 2020 film “Let Them All Talk,” where they appeared alongside legendary actors Meryl Streep and Candice Bergen. In the film, Liv played the role of the character “Cheryl,” a young author who is struggling to find her voice in the literary world.

One of the milestones in Liv’s career is their appearance in the hit HBO series “The Leftovers.” In the series, Liv played the recurring role of “Jules,” a member of the Guilty Remnant, a cult-like organization. Liv’s performance in the series was highly acclaimed, and it helped to establish them as a versatile actor who could handle complex and emotionally challenging roles.

Liv has had the opportunity to work with several influential celebrities and artists over the years. They appeared alongside Toni Collette in the 2018 Netflix film “Ibiza,” and they worked with Kate Winslet in the 2020 film “Ammonite.” Liv also appeared alongside the legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen in the 2019 film “Cats.”

In addition to their work in film and television, Liv has also pursued other creative endeavors, including music. They released their debut EP, “Reservoir,” in 2020, which features a collection of heartfelt and introspective songs.