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Jim Carrey's Pets

Does Jim Carrey's Have Any Pets


Two More Dogs


When interviewed by Nickelodeon Magazine, Jim Carrey mentioned he has three dogs. One is George, a great dane and we believe one is a golden retriever. If you know any info on them, please let us know!


Great Dane

Jim Carrey has a big black Great Dane called George.



Jim Carrey has a pet iguana named Houston.

Sunrise and Squeek


Jim Carrey has two pet parakeets named Sunrise and Squeek.


Jack Russel

One of Jim Carrey’s most memorable co-stars is Milo, his pet dog from the 1994 film The Mask. Max is this Jack Russel terrier’s real name.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, born January 17, 1962, is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Known for his energetic slapstick performances, Carrey first gained recognition in 1990, after landing a recurring role in the American sketch comedy television series In Living Color (1990–1994). He broke out as a star in motion pictures with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber (all 1994). This was followed up with Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Batman Forever (both 1995), and Liar Liar (1997).