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Jan Pol's Pets

Does Jan Pol Have Any Pets?

Annie (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Annie.

Athena (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Athena.

Killian (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Killian.

Nono (Goat)

Jan Pol has a goat named Nono.

Donar (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Donar.

Tater (Cat)

Jan Pol has a cat named Tater.

Luna (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Luna.

Anneke & Johansa (Horse)

Jan Pol has two horses named Anneke and Johansa.

Atlas (Dog)

Jan Pol has a dog named Atlas.

Emus (Emu)

Jan Pol has emus on his farm.

Chickens (Chicken)

Jan Pol has chickens on his farm.

Peafowl (Peafowl)

Jan Pol has a peafowl on his farm.

Jan Pol

Jan Pol Pets


September 4, 1942 (81)

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Jan Pol is a Dutch-American veterinarian known for his starring role on the reality television show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild.

Pol’s style has received a mixed reception by veterinarians, and in 2014, Pol was fined $500 and had his license put on probation by the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine for not wearing proper surgical attire during treatment of a Boston terrier. However, a year later, the sentencing was overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals, which reversed and remanded, holding inter alia that there was no competent evidence that there was a breach of the standard of care and citing the fact that “the owners of the dog were happy with the care it has been given.” In 2013, Pol received an honorary doctorate of public service from Central Michigan University.