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Greeicy Rendón's Pets

Does Greeicy Rendón Have Any Pets?


Greeicy Rendón has a number of animals on her farm including these two adorable poms.


Greeicy Rendón has a farm with dogs, cats, chickens, cows and rabbits.

Greeicy Rendón

Greeicy Rendón Pets


October 30, 1992 (31)

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Greeicy Rendón Ceballos is a Colombian actress and singer. In 2014, she was announced as the youth protagonist of the telenovela La ronca de oro, based on the life of the Colombian singer, Helenita Vargas. Also she was part of the Colombian version of The Wonderful Years, in Spanish titled Los años maravillosos. In 2015, she starred in Tiro de gracia. Then she was part of Esmeraldas, where she played Paula Guáqueta Guerrero.

In 2016, she was in Las Vega’s, a Colombian adaptation of the Chilean series of the same name and was announced as one of the protagonists of the adaptation of the American series Revenge. RCN Televisión decided to postpone the premiere for 2017. The program finally debuted on 2 March 2017 in Argentina, on Channel El Trece and on 6 March in Colombia, with the title of Venganza.