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Francesca Marie Smith does not have any reported pets.

Francesca Marie Smith

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March 26, 1985 (39)

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Francesca Marie Smith is an American actress best known for her voice work as the beloved character Helga Pataki in the animated series “Hey Arnold!” In addition to her memorable role as Helga, Smith has lent her talents to various other projects. She worked on films like “The Prince of Egypt” and “Little Secrets,” delivering captivating performances. For her role as Helga in “Hey Arnold!,” she received a Behind the Voice Actors Award nomination for Best Female Vocal Performances in a Television Series.

Throughout her career, Francesca Marie Smith has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous esteemed artists and celebrities. Her work on “Hey Arnold!” allowed her to collaborate with talented voice actors such as Dan Castellaneta and Tress MacNeille. Smith has also worked alongside notable actors like Ralph Fiennes and Sandra Bullock in “The Prince of Egypt.”