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Does Chris Wolstenholme Have Any Pets?

Kevin (Dog)

Chris Wolstenholme has a fluffy dog named Kevin.

Rufio (Dog)

Chris Wolstenholme has another dog named Rufio.

Ronson (Lizard)

Chris Wolstenholme has a lizard named Ronson.

Chris Wolstenholme

Chris Wolstenholme Pets


December 2, 1978 (45)

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Chris Wolstenholme is an English musician, renowned as the bassist and backing vocalist for the rock band Muse. His innovative approach to bass guitar, often incorporating effects and synthesisers, has been a defining element of Muse’s sound. Wolstenholme’s musical journey began in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, before moving to Teignmouth, Devon, where he initially played drums in a post-punk band. His encounter with Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard led to the formation of Muse in 1994, initially named Rocket Baby Dolls before adopting their current name.

Wolstenholme’s role in Muse has been crucial, with his basslines often taking a lead role in their music, as exemplified in the song “Hysteria.” His technique blends traditional bass guitar with a range of effects and synthesisers, creating a unique sound that has become synonymous with the band. Wolstenholme’s preference for playing with his fingers rather than a plectrum has contributed to his distinct style. He has also contributed as a songwriter and vocalist, notably on the songs “Liquid State” and “Save Me” from the album “The 2nd Law.”

Chris Wolstenholme’s career features key collaborations, notably with Muse bandmates Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard, shaping their unique sound. He has worked with producers Rich Costey and John Leckie, contributing significantly to Muse’s albums. Wolstenholme’s involvement in Rick Parfitt’s “Over and Out” and collaborations with the band Moriaty demonstrate his work beyond Muse.

Throughout his career with Muse, Wolstenholme has been part of a band that has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, and several NME and MTV Europe Music Awards.