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Does Benjamin Wadsworth Have Any Pets?

Chooch (Dog)

Stella Maeve has a dog named Chooch.

Cats (Cat)

Benjamin Wadsworth has a couple cats at home.

Benjamin Wadsworth

Benjamin Wadsworth Pets


November 8, 1999 (24)

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Benjamin Wadsworth is an American actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his talent and versatility. Since making his debut in 2018, he has quickly become a rising star, known for his captivating performances and impressive range.

Wadsworth’s accomplishments in the industry are numerous. He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Marcus Lopez in the Syfy television series “Deadly Class,” which earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fan following. He has also appeared in other popular shows and movies, such as “Dad vs. Lad” and “Grand Army.”

Aside from his success on screen, Wadsworth has also collaborated with other artists and celebrities. He has worked with filmmaker Joe Lynch and actors like Henry Rollins and Steven Yeun, among others. He has also been involved in various charity events and fundraising initiatives, including the “Deadly Class” charity auction, which raised funds for the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles.

In addition to his charitable work, Wadsworth is also an animal lover and advocate for pet adoption. He has also participated in events and campaigns to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.